Verified Inventory Program™ (VIPc®)

Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc)®

Our VIPc solution streamlines inventory management so healthcare providers can worry less about their inventory and spend more time on patient care.

VIPc utilizes advanced RFID technology and eliminates carrying costs
– invoices are generated only when products are used.

How it works

VIPc features specially equipped systems that continuously monitor critical-care product inventory and proactively replenish products as they are used. The system preemptively pulls and replaces product well before its beyond-use date, eliminating liability for expired inventory.

VIPc benefits

VIPc provides real-time inventory alerts and immediate notification when temperatures fluctuate out of specifications, protecting product efficacy. The result? Providers spend less time managing inventory, and more time focusing on patient care.

VIPc Eligible Products

View our list of specific eligible products for our Verified Inventory Program™ (VIPc®).

Watch the video below to find out how VIPc will benefit you.

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