MinibarRx® SMART Refrigeration System

SMART system, SMART refrigeration.

MinibarRx® SMART Refrigeration System

MinibarRx® is a SMART refrigeration system designed specifically for vaccine storage, handling, and inventory management for healthcare providers. FFF Enterprises, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of vaccines supplied in the MinibarRx system. This innovative system is an extension into the healthcare industry that originated from Minibar, the world's largest producer of refrigerated platforms in the hospitality industry. The MinibarRx system is built and designed to improve the process of purchasing, storing, handling, and managing refrigerated vaccine inventory.

Specifications & Benefits

  • Medical grade, SMART refrigerator
  • 24/7 temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Compliant with CDC's Storage and Handling Guidelines
  • Password protected
  • Reduced risk for expired products by automating the management of your first in/first out inventory
  • Customized to align current vaccine portfolio
  • Customer portal for real-time reporting capabilities

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