Industry leaders seek to advance innovative resources for rare and orphan disease communities amid COVID-19 outbreak

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Temecula, Calif. — FFF Enterprises and BioNews announced today that both rare and orphan disease advocates are joining forces to provide patients with resources to help them connect as a community and continue to manage their health during this time when many are finding themselves alone.

Recognized as the nation's leading supplier of critical-care biopharmaceuticals, plasma products and vaccines, FFF has been pro-active in communicating with pharmaceutical manufacturers across the country, ensuring that patients do not experience interruptions in receiving the lifesaving medicines they need. Through their discussions with patient advocates and industry leaders alike, FFF has identified newly emerging needs for serving rare and orphan disease patient communities during this unprecedented time in history, when isolation and a limitation in treatment options can be difficult.

"Many of the patients we serve have spent years 'self-quarantining' themselves during flu season or when they felt their immune systems were compromised," states Patrick M. Schmidt, CEO of FFF Enterprises. "What they haven't experienced before is the social isolation that comes from a pandemic like COVID-19, and many are scared, even afraid, to let a nurse come to their home for treatments."

The mandate to self-quarantine has not only led to social isolation for these patients, but also in many cases an abrupt halt to participation in critical clinical trials that are advancing potentially life-changing, novel therapies. In a direct response to this, FFF is seeking to partner with digital leaders who have built uniquely deep reach into these patient communities online. "We felt a call to action was needed across a broad range of rare disease spaces to help patients connect and know they are not alone in addressing these essential needs," Schmidt explained, adding that, "BioNews and its unparalleled commitment to serving so many of these communities supported our burgeoning mission."

BioNews Services, the online leader in creating authoritative, authentic news and perspectives platforms for rare and orphan disease communities, brings its robust network of niche, disease-specific websites and proven outreach capabilities to the partnership, and will play the leading role in connecting patients with community and health resources that will foster communication and participation in improving the health and lives of patients worldwide. With over 65 active websites that publish reliable news and intimate perspectives written by patients themselves daily, the company continues to note a dramatic increase in the need for "connection" since the onset of COVID-19.

"Throughout the years of serving rare and orphan disease communities, BioNews recognizes how isolating it is for those who suffer from a chronic, progressive disease day in and day out," Mike Nace, President of BioNews, noted. "Together through our new and growing partnership with FFF Enterprises, we are looking forward to bringing our closeness and familiarity with patient communities to bear with FFF's unique suite of patient-centric services to help connect and reconnect patients to their support communities as well as clinical trials and other essential resources for supporting their health and well-being through the COVID-19 epidemic."

Moving forward, FFF and BioNews will continue to make it their mission to serve rare and orphan patients during the pandemic and beyond by providing knowledge, insight and hope to be a glimmer of light when isolation often proves to be dark for those most in need.

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BioNews Services is a leading online health, science and research publication company that exists for one purpose: to serve the patient living with a rare disease. We do this by connecting patient communities online with current, trusted, relevant news and perspectives published on niche, disease-specific web platforms. Our multi-content, multi-channel approach provides patients, their families and caregivers a holistic digital environment to connect with other patients and access vital news and information through articles, patient perspectives, resource info, patient forums, and social/multimedia programs. In turn, our uniquely deep reach into these rare disease communities offers industry partners the opportunity to communicate directly with patients as well as gain valuable insights that are otherwise difficult to achieve in the rare disease space.

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