Patient Care Improves as Healthcare Providers Select MinibarRx as Preferred SMART Vaccine Inventory Management Solution Nationwide

Press Release for August 20, 2019 - Download

Temecula, Calif. – MinibarRx®, a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises, Inc., continues to improve overall patient care experience through its proprietary software application for vaccine inventory management. By enrolling in the MinibarRx system, a healthcare provider's vaccine inventory management system features automated inventory ordering capabilities based on a customer's historical usage – allowing providers increased time for face-to-face patient care, as well as meeting patients' on-demand vaccination needs nationwide. The MinibarRx SMART refrigeration system is designed specifically for effective vaccine storage, handling and inventory management.

Patrick M. Schmidt, chief executive officer for FFF Enterprises and MinibarRx, understands the importance of giving clinicians access to on-demand vaccines. "Vaccine inventory management has become a cumbersome process for many providers, taking both valuable time and budgets away from physicians across the U.S. However, through our SMART MinibarRx System, we've seen providers deliver more efficient patient care and avoid the unnecessary vaccine inventory costs that are associated with the manual inventory management practices that come with standard pharmaceutical refrigerators."

The MinibarRx system is equipped with an Intelligent PAR (Periodic Automatic Replenishment) Management system of built-in algorithms and logic – providing healthcare providers with just-right inventory levels for vaccines. By enrolling in the MinibarRx system, not only are providers able to ensure they have a properly stocked vaccine refrigerator, but they are now able to reduce their inventory investment since they are only paying for vaccines dispensed.

Alicia Calderone, clinical pharmacy manager at Benzer, highlighted other benefits of the program, saying, "There's little to no out-of-pocket costs for customers because vaccinations are generally considered preventative by most insurance plans. MinibarRx works on a consignment basis. Think of it like a mini-fridge at a hotel in which you only pay for what you take."

"When patients learn they need a vaccine, like hepatitis A, for example, they don't want to wait several days for it to be ordered; then, have to make a second trip for administration," Tonya Shackelford, Benzer Pharmacy vice president of clinical services said. "Having a perpetual inventory in stock can be instrumental to preventing potentially life-threatening diseases." Benzer Pharmacy launched an initial 10-store rollout of MinibarRx systems with plans to continue with a total of 60 locations over the next 10 weeks. The MinibarRx system is an extension of the cold chain and offers a safe solution for healthcare providers and their patients. Upon enrollment, healthcare providers are able to customize their menu of vaccines with FFF Enterprises' products so the MinibarRx system will be delivered with just-right inventory levels.

About MinibarRx
MinibarRx, a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises, Inc. is a former affiliate of Minibar Systems – the world's largest manufacturer of refrigerated platforms for the hospitality industry, and InstantDx, LLC – a pioneer in electronic prescribing and healthcare transaction services. Through a unique combination of over 30 years in pharmaceutical drug distribution and over 40 years in SMART refrigeration, MinibarRx presents healthcare providers with a reimagined cold supply chain inventory management solution for vaccines and biologics. Please visit MinibarRx's news site on, as well as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more information about the company.

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FFF Enterprises, founded in 1988, continues to take a leadership position in supply chain safety and innovation, setting new standards and pioneering industry firsts. With more than 30 years of experience in product allocation management, FFF Enterprises is dedicated to meeting the needs of our most precious patients. Everything we do affirms our dedication to forge a reliable, secure pharmaceutical supply chain in the pursuit of our mission of Helping Healthcare Care©. FFF Enterprises has been presented with the "Supplier Legacy Award" by Premier, the "Specialty Distributor of the Year Award" by Vizient, and the notable success of over 11,300 counterfeit-free days (and counting) of safe, reliable product distribution. Please visit FFF Enterprises on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more information about the company.