European Union to Halt Commercialization of Hydroxyethyl Starch Products; FFF First Raised Safety Concerns in 2002

Press Release for Feb 8, 2018 - Download

Temecula, Calif.

European drug regulators have announced the suspension of marketing authorizations for all hydroxyethyl starch (HES) plasma volume replacement solutions across the European Union, citing continued administration of hydroxyethyl starch products in critically ill and septic patients despite 2013 labeling restrictions intended to reduce the risk of kidney injury and death in these patient populations.

In relation to this development, FFF Enterprises is particularly proud of its initiative, 15 years ago, to raise U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) awareness about evidence of serious patient safety issues with HES products. This input directly led to the first warning by any major regulatory agency worldwide against the commercial use of hydroxyethyl starch products in a specified patient population.

In a public meeting held by FDA and its Blood Products Advisory Committee in June 2002, medical and market research consultants supported by FFF Enterprises presented evidence of excessive bleeding, increased transfusion requirements and increased reoperation rates in open heart surgery patients administered HES as a colloid substitute in place of human albumin. Our consultants urged a thorough going review of the safety of HES in this particular high-risk patient population. Acting on its advisory panel’s recommendation, FDA shortly thereafter added warning statements to the labeling of all HES products cautioning against its use during or immediately after cardiopulmonary bypass surgeries.

In the wake of FDA's early 2003 regulatory action, numerous investigations have been conducted to evaluate the safety issues of hydroxyethyl starch both in open heart surgery and in other clinical settings where it has been widely used in lieu of albumin or crystalloid solutions.

Following review of a meta-analysis of open heart surgery studies published a decade later in 2012, FDA included an additional warning about excessive bleeding associated with HES use in cardiopulmonary bypass surgeries. A year later, a review of data from newer patient studies and meta-analyses documenting increased risks of mortality and renal injury in critically ill adults, including adult patients with sepsis, prompted FDA to require a Boxed Warning, instructing providers not to use HES products in those patient populations as well. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) included similar labeling restricting use of HES in critically ill and septic patients in 2013. Last month, EMA's Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) concluded that these restrictions have not been sufficiently effective and suspension of all hydroxyethyl starch marketing authorizations is necessary to protect patient health, which prompted its recommendation to suspend marketing authorizations for all hydroxyethyl starch products.

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