FFF Enterprises Makes FluMist® by MedImmune a Key Addition to Its Flu Vaccine Portfolio

Press Release for February 7, 2011 - Download

Temecula, CA – FFF Enterprises, Inc., the nation’s largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines and critical-care biopharmaceuticals, has just announced the addition of FluMist® (Influenza Vaccine Live, Intranasal), an FDA-approved flu vaccine nasal spray manufactured by MedImmune, to its comprehensive portfolio of flu vaccines.

“We are very pleased to introduce FluMist, a live attenuated influenza vaccine, to our portfolio of inactivated influenza vaccine injectable products, rounding out our selection of products from the most respected manufacturers,” said Patrick M. Schmidt, chief executive officer, FFF Enterprises, Inc.

FFF will be supplying FluMist on a wide contractual basis to its GPO partner members, as well as to consumers through community vaccinator, VaxAmerica, a program of FFF Specialty Pharmacy, Nufactor.

In 2010, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expanded their recommendations for annual influenza vaccination to include all people aged 6 months and older to get a seasonal flu vaccine. This flu season, healthcare providers can improve compliance by offering patients a shot in the arm, or a spray in the nose. FluMist is approved for eligible, healthy people between the ages 2 through 49.

“For most people, getting immunized against influenza is the easiest and most effective way to reduce their risk of infection,” explains Schmidt. “By offering FluMist, healthcare providers can give patients more options and increase vaccination rates.”

FluMist: Important Safety and Eligibility Information

What is FluMist (Influenza Vaccine Live, Intranasal)?
FluMist is a vaccine that is sprayed into the nose to help protect against influenza. It can be used in children, adolescents, and adults ages 2 through 49. FluMist may not prevent influenza in everyone who gets vaccinated.

Who should not get FluMist?
You should not get FluMist if you: are allergic to eggs, gentamicin, gelatin, or arginine; have ever had a life-threatening reaction to influenza vaccinations; or are 2 through 17 years old and take aspirin or medicines containing aspirin.

Children under 2 years of age should not get FluMist because there is a chance they may wheeze (difficulty with breathing) after getting FluMist.

Who may not be able to get FluMist?
Tell your healthcare provider if you: are currently wheezing; have a history of wheezing if under 5 years old; have had Guillain-Barré syndrome; have a weakened immune system or live with someone who has a severely weakened immune system; have problems with your heart, kidneys, or lungs; have diabetes; are pregnant or nursing; or are taking Tamiflu®, Relenza®, amantadine, or rimantadine.

They will decide if FluMist is right for you.

What are the most common side effects of FluMist?
The most common side effects of FluMist are runny or stuffy nose; sore throat and fever over 100°F.

For more information, including complete Product and Patient Information, please visit www.FluMist.com.

About FFF Enterprises, Inc.
Temecula-based FFF Enterprises is the largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals in the U.S. Founded in 1988, FFF is now in its 23rd year with more than a billion dollars in annual sales and a flawless safety track record. FFF has taken a leadership position in regards to supply chain safety and innovation, setting new standards and pioneering industry firsts. FFF’s commitment to Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensures that products are purchased only from the manufacturer and shipped only to healthcare providers, with additional steps taken to safely store, handle and ship products to ensure patient safety is never compromised. FFF’s proprietary systems, Verified Electronic Pedigree™ and Lot-Track™, provide verification of this secure channel, and FFF’s MyFluVaccine (www.MyFluVaccine.com) and VaxAmerica (www.VaxAmerica.com) are revolutionary vaccination programs that have added a new level of safety, convenience and reliability to both healthcare providers and consumers.

About MedImmune
MedImmune, the worldwide biologics business for AstraZeneca PLC (LSE: AZN.L, NYSE: AZN), has approximately 3,500 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. For more information, visit MedImmune’s website at www.medimmune.com.

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