FFF Enterprises Supports National Immunization Awareness Month

Press Release for August 16, 2010 – Download

Nation’s largest distributor of flu vaccine utilizes targeted marketing communications and community outreach to help “spread the word, not the flu.”

Temecula, Calif. – The month of August is recognized as National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), a time designated to help increase awareness about immunizations across population lines, from infants to the elderly. FFF Enterprises, the nation’s most trusted distributor of vaccines and critical-care biopharmaceuticals is supporting this initiative through its portfolio of educational materials as well as community vaccination efforts.

“This is an opportune time to focus on vaccine awareness,” says Patrick M. Schmidt, chief executive officer, FFF Enterprises, Inc. “Parents are sending children back to school, young adults are entering college and communities are preparing for the upcoming flu season.”

Immunization is one of the most transformative public health achievements of the 20th century. Vaccines have eradicated smallpox, eliminated wild poliovirus in the U.S., and significantly reduced the number of cases of measles and other diseases. But despite these efforts, more Americans die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases than from car accidents, breast cancer or AIDS. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), influenza (the flu) is the root of an estimated 400,000 deaths worldwide each year (approximately 36,000 in the U.S.), and claims more lives than all other vaccine-preventable diseases combined. And influenza and pneumonia combined are the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S.

“For most people, getting immunized against influenza is the easiest and most effective way to reduce their risk of infection,” Schmidt says. “Too many people still believe the flu is not a serious disease – statistics prove otherwise.” A little known fact is that in World War I more soldiers died from influenza than on the battlefield. This is in part due to the highly contagious nature of the disease and the close proximity of the soldiers – this close grouping of people is sometimes referred to as a herd, not unlike school and work situations where the flu tends to spread rapidly to unvaccinated individuals.

FFF is helping “spread the word, not the flu” regarding the importance of flu vaccination by partnering with advocacy organizations like the Joey Holt Foundation and Families Fighting Flu to put a face on this disease. “Our hope is that by personalizing it, we can help dispel some of the myths surrounding the flu and its vaccine, and educate parents about the importance of getting themselves and their families vaccinated each year,” says Sheryl Perez, vice president marketing and communications, FFF Enterprises. Some of the educational materials available through VaxAmerica, a community vaccine program of FFF’s specialty pharmacy NuFACTOR, include a Flu Vaccine Myths & Facts brochure and informative articles that provide detailed information as well as profiling real families who have lost loved ones to this disease. In addition to its comprehensive educational efforts, Temecula, California-based FFF is also taking a hands-on approach when it comes to immunization awareness. VaxAmerica provides on-site vaccination clinics in the workplace or other locations.

Immunization is one of the most effective ways to protect children and adults against many common infectious diseases, especially the flu. Keeping individuals healthier through immunizations results in lower associated social and financial costs for families, including time lost from school and work, as well as the expense of medical bills. Recommended vaccinations begin soon after birth and continue throughout life, and it’s important to get the right vaccines in the right doses at the right time.

About FFF Enterprises, Inc.
FFF Enterprises, Inc., a privately held corporation, is the largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals in the U.S. Founded in 1988, FFF is celebrating its 22nd year with more than a billion dollars in annual sales and a flawless safety track record. FFF’s Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensures that products are purchased only from the manufacturer and shipped only to healthcare providers, protecting patients and manufacturers from counterfeit risks and pricing irregularities inherent in secondary and gray market channels. FFF’s proprietary technologies, Verified Electronic Pedigree™ and Lot-Track™, provide verification of this secure channel. FFF’s MyFluVaccine (www.MyFluVaccine.com) has revolutionized the flu marketplace, offering a dedicated flu vaccine supply, delivered to customers on the date of their choosing. FFF’s ability to move rapidly in a dynamically changing marketplace allows the creation of new opportunities for customers through innovative vehicles for distribution.

About VaxAmerica
VaxAmerica, a program of NuFACTOR, a specialty pharmacy of FFF Enterprises, Inc., enables the safe, easy and convenient administration of preventive vaccines—even those hard-to-get—to individuals or groups at a convenient location near to them. Known for its national reach and local touch, VaxAmerica has simplified the vaccination process to create cost-effective solutions for patients, healthcare providers and health plans. For more information about VaxAmerica, call (888) 444-8522 or visit www.vaxamerica.com

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