FFF Enterprises Announces 7,000 Counterfeit-Free Days of Biopharmaceutical Distribution

Jan 21, 2008 Media Release

Nation’s largest distributor of immune globulins and influenza vaccines reaches supply channel achievement in its twentieth anniversary year.

TEMECULA, Calif., January 21, 2008 – On Sunday, FFF Enterprises Inc. recognized its 7,000th consecutive counterfeit-free day of biopharmaceuticals distribution as the company begins its twentieth anniversary year. The nation’s largest distributor of human plasma products and influenza vaccines, FFF’s successful counterfeit-free record translates into more than 120 million grams of intravenous immune globulin and 70 million doses of influenza vaccine administered to patients through the company’s secure pharmaceutical supply channel.

“Our distribution model has been unique for the 20 years we’ve been in business, and our manufacturing partners, customers and their patients are its beneficiaries,” explained Patrick M. Schmidt, president and CEO of FFF. “We purchase only from manufacturers and ship only to healthcare providers. This is the only distribution model that eliminates the risk of counterfeiting, drug diversion and irresponsible pricing so frequently reported.”

FFF's distribution model, called Guaranteed Channel Integrity™, has simplified the company’s response to the complex and sometimes conflicting mandates in state and federal drug pedigree laws.

“We are recognized as an authorized distributor of record for all our manufacturing partners,” Schmidt said, “which excludes us from many pedigree requirements. But, because our channel is so secure, we implemented our own electronic pedigree in 2004 - well ahead of the industry - to document the security of our channel for our partners and customers.”

FFF’s Verified Electronic Pedigree (VEP™) allows customers to easily and quickly document the pedigree of biopharmaceuticals purchased from FFF via the company’s website.

“We have committed FFF’s entire range of capabilities - technology, distribution expertise and knowledge of the marketplace – to consistently provide the level of channel integrity healthcare consumers need and deserve,” Schmidt said. “We look forward to our next 20 years of counterfeit-free distribution.”

About FFF Enterprises
Founded in 1988, FFF Enterprises is a multidimensional healthcare company, delivering innovative solutions in biopharmaceutical management and distribution, managed healthcare services, health information management and consumer healthcare services. FFF’s influenza vaccine innovation, MyFluVaccine.com, launched in 2006, revolutionized the influenza vaccine marketplace, allowing healthcare providers to select their influenza vaccine delivery dates - bringing confidence to the marketplace.

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