FFF Enterprises Announces Results of Influenza Vaccine Distribution Innovation

Sept 20, 2007 Media Release

MyFluVaccine.com revenues exceed $50 million in on-time and early deliveries.

TEMECULA, Calif., September 20, 2007 - FFF Enterprises Inc., the nation's largest distributor of influenza vaccines and human plasma products, announced today the results to date of its online influenza vaccine ordering system, MyFluVaccine.com. First launched May 4, 2006 and now in its second year of operations, the system touted by FFF customers as an “influenza vaccine distribution revolution” has exceeded $50 million in revenues, with 99 percent of deliveries made on time or earlier.

“MyFluVaccine’s 2007-2008 season revenues represent $50 million worth of influenza vaccine delivered on or before the dates our customers selected. This is a significant success for our customers and FFF Enterprises – and a dramatic change in the influenza vaccine marketplace,” Patrick M. Schmidt, FFF’s president and CEO, said today from the company’s Temecula, Calif. headquarters. “When we launched MyFluVaccine in 2006, we knew we were taking a risk in our effort to bring a rational process to influenza vaccine acquisition. By the end of that season, our customers, new and old, made it clear our approach resolved the uncertainties of the marketplace. So, with the support of our customers, we’ve been growing the business segment ever since.”

MyFluVaccine, a web-based system for ordering influenza vaccine, allows FFF customers to place their orders and select delivery dates, features unique in the industry. In contrast to historical practices of double booking orders and over committing supply, FFF’s MyFluVaccine encourages a commitment from both the influenza vaccine customer and the distributor. This, in turn, provides FFF’s manufacturing partners accurate insight into demand.

Although FFF continues to offer traditional influenza vaccine ordering, the company encourages vaccine providers to evaluate the benefits of being able to plan vaccination clinics with confidence, while reducing the risks of providing an important influenza prevention service to healthcare consumers.

The industry's leading influenza vaccine distributor, FFF is a multidimensional healthcare corporation, dedicated to Helping Healthcare Care™. Consistent with FFF's well-established Guaranteed Channel Integrity™, FFF buys vaccine only from manufacturers and ships only to healthcare providers, protecting the vaccine and patients from the risks of product diversion, counterfeiting and irresponsible pricing.

About FFF Enterprises
FFF Enterprises, founded in 1988, is a multidimensional healthcare company, delivering innovative solutions in biopharmaceutical management and distribution, health information management and consumer healthcare services. FFF is the nation's largest supplier of biopharmaceuticals, plasma products, vaccines and clinical trial drugs. Customers of FFF include members of the leading U.S. acute care and non-acute care group purchasing organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, managed healthcare and consumers.

FFF's unique distribution business model has institutionalized Guaranteed Channel Integrity, which reflects the company's commitment to purchase only from manufacturers and ship only to healthcare providers. This protects products from secondary and gray markets and promotes patient safety.