FFF Enterprises Launches Magazine for Immune Globulin Community

January 30, 2006 Media Release

TEMECULA, Calif. - FFF Enterprises Inc., a healthcare corporation based in Temecula, Calif., and its specialty pharmacy services division, Nufactor, announced today the launch of a new magazine for healthcare consumers treated with immune globulin - IG Living.

IG Living is the only magazine dedicated to patients who use immune globulin and to their care providers. It was created to help the immune globulin community learn from one another and healthcare professionals, contemplate new treatment ideas and possibilities, and, in the process, make their lives a little easier.

"Immune globulin is an astounding product that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions," said Patrick M. Schmidt, president and CEO of FFF Enterprises and publisher of IG Living. "Tens of thousands of U.S. patients rely on this lifesaving therapy, and IG Living is the first meeting place for all of them. We look forward to learning from them as they share their stories with one another."

Launching its first bimonthly issue in February 2006, IG Living will be distributed free to patients and their physicians' offices, including practices in immunology, neurology and hematology-oncology. Regular features include articles from consumers treated with immune globulin, product and manufacturer news, healthcare information, immune globulin treatment options, community and reimbursement news, and resources for healthy living.

IG Living is a community service provided by FFF Enterprises and Nufactor. For more information, visit www.igliving.com or call 800-843-7477 x1143.

About FFF Enterprises
FFF Enterprises, founded in 1988, is a multidimensional healthcare company, delivering innovative solutions in biopharmaceutical management and distribution, health information management and consumer healthcare services. FFF is now the nation's largest supplier of human plasma products (including immune globulin) and vaccines, and also distributes other biopharmaceuticals and clinical trial drugs. FFF's unique distribution business model has institutionalized Guaranteed Channel Integrity, which reflects the company's commitment to purchase only from manufacturers and ship only to healthcare providers - one clear line with no gray in between. This protects products from secondary and gray markets, and improves patient safety.

About Nufactor
FFF Enterprises established Nufactor, its specialty pharmacy services division, in 1995, founded on the principles of responsibly listening and respectfully responding to our customers. Nufactor is dedicated to solving the chronic problems of affordability, availability and safety in disease state management for chronically ill patients. Nufactor is deeply committed to the philosophy of providing philanthropic support to the patient communities we serve.