Effective Today — UCB Products Available at FFF Enterprises

October 3, 2022
Last Updated: January 9, 2023

FFF Enterprises is excited to announce that we have entered into a Distribution Services Agreement with UCB, Inc. as a vital member of its new Primary Distribution Network for all UCB products currently available in the U.S. FFF’s leading focus is to provide patients with continued and uninterrupted access to UCB’s portfolio of critical care products.

View our latest brand pharmaceutical and controlled substance products offerings.

Product Item Number
Brand Pharmaceuticals
CIMZIA® 200 mg SDV 2-pack CIM070062
CIMZIA® 200 mg PFS kit 2-pack CIM071079
CIMZIA® 200 mg PFS kit 6-pack CIM071081
KEPPRA® 100 mg/mL oral solution KEP000148
KEPPRA® 500 mg/5 mL SDV 10-pack KEP000263
KEPPRA® 250 mg tab 120-bottle KEP059440
KEPPRA® 500 mg tab 120-bottle KEP059540
KEPPRA® 750 mg tab 120-bottle KEP059640
KEPPRA® 1000 mg tab 60-bottle KEP059766
KEPPRA XR® 500 mg tab 60-bottle KEP059866
KEPPRA XR® 750 mg tab 60-bottle KEP059966
NEUPRO® 1 mg patch 30-box NEU080103
NEUPRO® 2 mg patch 30-box NEU080203
NEUPRO® 3 mg patch 30-box NEU080303
NEUPRO® 4 mg patch 30-box NEU080403
NEUPRO® 6 mg patch 30-box NEU080503
NEUPRO® 8 mg patch 30-box NEU080603
Controlled Substances
BRIVIACT® 10 mg tab 60-bottle BRI037066
BRIVIACT® 25 mg tab 100-carton unit dose BRI047009
BRIVIACT® 25 mg tab 60-bottle BRI047066
BRIVIACT® 50 mg tab 100-carton unit dose BRI057009
BRIVIACT® 50 mg tab 60-bottle BRI057066
BRIVIACT® 75 mg tab 60-bottle BRI067066
BRIVIACT® 100 mg tab 100-carton unit dose BRI077009
BRIVIACT® 100 mg tab 60-bottle BRI077066
BRIVIACT® 10 mg/300 mL oral solution BRI087015
BRIVIACT® 50 mg/5 mL SDV 10-pack BRI097075
NAYZILAM® 5 mg/0.1 mL nasal spray 2-pack NAY050015
VIMPAT® 200 mg/20 mL SDV 10-pack VIM181067
VIMPAT® 50 mg tab 60-pack VIM247735
VIMPAT® 50 mg tab 60-carton unit dose VIM247760
VIMPAT® 100 mg tab 60-bottle VIM247835
VIMPAT® 100 mg tab 60-carton unit dose VIM247860
VIMPAT® 150 mg tab 60-bottle VIM247935
VIMPAT® 150 mg tab 60-carton unit dose VIM247960
VIMPAT® 200 mg tab 60-bottle VIM248035
VIMPAT® 200 mg tab 60-carton unit dose VIM248060
VIMPAT® 10 mg/200 mL oral solution VIM541072

To Order Controlled Substances

To order controlled substances through FFF: You need to provide the appropriate licensing and submit a completed SOMS questionnaire. You will also need to upload your DEA signing certificate to your BioSupply account to enable electronically signing your CSOS documents.

Contact Wow! Customer Care or your FFF Sales Representative to place your order today.

We appreciate your partnership and thank you for your trust in FFF to fulfill your critical care pharmaceutical needs.