2020-21 AstraZeneca & Sanofi Pasteur Flu Vaccine Returns

Ending June 25, 2021

June 17, 2021

In the event that you will be returning 2020-2021 flu vaccine product(s), here are the necessary steps to complete the process.

For flu vaccines ordered direct from FFF Enterprises, the products listed below are eligible for return with a credit to be applied to your account:

  Product Returns Begin Returns End  
  FluMist® Quadrivalent 0.2 mL Spray 3/29/2021 6/25/2021  
Sanofi Pasteur
  Fluzone® Quadrivalent HD 0.7 mL PFS 3/29/2021 6/25/2021  
  Fluzone® Quadrivalent 5 mL MDV 3/29/2021 6/25/2021  
  Fluzone® Quadrivalent 0.5 mL PFS 3/29/2021 6/25/2021  
  Fluzone® Quadrivalent 0.5 mL SDV 3/29/2021 6/25/2021  
  Flublok® Quadrivalent 0.5 mL PFS 3/29/2021 6/25/2021  

Flu Vaccine Manufacturer Requirements: Full 10-dose vials and boxes of 10 prefilled syringes must be in their original unopened cartons. No partial returns will be accepted.


Return of Goods Authorization (RGA) Instructions

Go to MyFluVaccine.com and complete the online Return of Goods Authorization (RGA) form to submit a request for an RGA number. For instructions on how to access the RGA form, please click here.

Returns cannot be accepted without the RGA number.**


Customers are responsible for coordinating and paying for the return shipment of eligible products to FFF Enterprises.

Refrigerated packaging is not required. However, all product must be properly packaged so that it will not be damaged during transit.

For assistance, contact Wow! Customer Care at (800) 843-7477.