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March 9, 2018

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Product Mfr Size NDC Expiry Date
Alphanate® Grifols 500 IU vial 530 RCOF 68516-4602-01 3/24/2018
FEIBA® Baxalta 2500 IU vial 64193-0425-02 3/31/2018
HyperRAB® S/D Grifols 2 mL 150 IU/mL vial 13533-0618-02 3/29/2018
HyperTET® S/D Grifols 250 unit syringe 13533-0634-02 3/12/2018
KOVALTRY® Bayer 250 IU vial adapter 00026-3821-25 3/21/2018
RECOMBINATE® Baxalta 1000 IU vial 00944-2843-10 3/24/2018
Stimate® CSL Behring 2.5 mL bottle 00053-6871-00 3/31/2018

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