Get the Facts: What You Should Know About the Flu Vaccine

Date: October 17, 2016

Flu season is quickly approaching, but it's not too late to protect yourself from contracting the flu this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends "that providers begin to offer flu vaccination by the end of October, if possible, but if you have not been vaccinated by Thanksgiving (or the end of November), it can still be protective to get vaccinated in December or later. Flu is unpredictable and seasons can vary. Seasonal flu disease usually peaks between December and March most years, but disease can occur as late as May." Since the vaccine usually takes two weeks for antibodies to develop and begin protecting the body from the virus, vaccination is recommended before the disease spreads to your community.

Many people avoid getting the flu vaccine because myths and misinformation steer them away from receiving this potentially life-saving annual preventative vaccine. Get the facts about the flu vaccine, so that you can be better protected this flu season.

  • According to the CDC, influenza and pneumonia combined are the eighth leading cause of death in the U.S. and can cause almost as many deaths as AIDS or breast cancer.
  • A 2016 study showed that people 50 years and older who got a flu vaccine reduced their risk of getting hospitalized from flu by 57 percent.
  • The flu vaccine is for anyone who doesn't want to be sick or inadvertently spread the illness-not just for the old and very young.
  • Taking your chances in getting the flu means taking the chance of becoming a carrier and unknowingly spreading the illness.

Download or order our Flu Myths and Facts brochure today to help better understand why getting the flu vaccine may be the right choice for you!

Be Prepared This Season

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