Flu Season's Not Over Yet

Date: March 29, 2016

If you've been listening to recent news stories, you know that the 2015-16 flu season isn't going anywhere. Not just yet. States across the country are still reporting increased hospitalizations.

Dr. Joseph Gross, an infectious disease specialist, says that "I've seen so much flu in the past three weeks or so, I think this year you'll see a spike as high as last year, only hitting later, in March and April. It's not too late for people to get a flu" vaccine.

But, why is the flu making a surge now, when the season is nearly over? "There are theories as to why flu hits primarily in the winter," says Gross. "One is that the influenza likes dry environments, and winter is a cold, dry season. Additionally, winter's dryness is enhanced by heating systems. This can cause the influenza viruses to thrive." This, on top of the fact that cooler months tend to bring people inside within closer proximity to one another, gives the virus ample opportunity to spread more easily.

With widespread activity being reported in 39 states and regional activity in another 10, it's still not too late to protect your patients against the flu virus.

The Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report shows flu activity intensifying, with several states being designated as either widespread or regional activity.

National flu report for the United States in March 19, 2016

Be prepared to protect your patients now! Don't let them become another flu statistic.

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