Staying On the Forefront of the Biopharmaceutical Distribution Industry

Date: January 18, 2010

BioSupply Trends Quarterly magazine, published by FFF Enterprises, keeps subscribers in the loop when it comes to industry trends and innovations.

With a track record of 21 years, FFF Enterprises in Temecula, Calif., is known as the nation’s leading distributor of critical-care plasma products, antihemophilic factors and preventive vaccines. Now, with the success of its second magazine, BioSupply Trends Quarterly, the company also is becoming a recognized name in publishing.

“I often have to remind myself that in addition to our biopharmaceutical distribution business and specialty pharmacy, we are also publishers,” says Patrick M. Schmidt, chief executive officer, FFF Enterprises and publisher of BioSupply Trends Quarterly. “Our first magazine, IG Living, celebrated its third anniversary in March of this year. Our second publishing endeavor, BioSupply Trends Quarterly, came in response to the positive feedback we received from our customers regarding our BioSupply Trends bi-weekly e-newsletter.”

Launched in July of 2009, BioSupply Trends Quarterly emphasizes an editorial calendar that pulls from the industry’s headline news. Timely features cover everything from the H1N1 pandemic and breaking flu vaccine news, to controversial topics such as how healthcare providers can counteract the growing anti-vaccine movement.

The biopharmaceutical distribution business impacts many different groups within the healthcare field, and BioSupply Trends Quarterly speaks to all of them, with targeted news and updates pertinent to specific market segments. With a subscription list of 50,000-plus, BioSupply Trends Quarterly has a national distribution to general practice physicians, hospital and clinic chiefs of staff and buyers, pharmacy managers and buyers, specialist physicians and other healthcare professionals. The publication’s mission is to serve as the industry’sleading resource for timely, newsworthyand critical information impacting thebiopharmaceuticals distribution business.

Each issue of BioSupply Trends Quarterly also provides profiles on the industry’s most influential leaders and trailblazers. So far, the popular column has highlighted Schmidt, who shared how his passion for supply chain safety led him to found FFF Enterprises two decades ago, and Peter Turner, chief executive officer of CSL Behring, an innovative leader who oversees a worldwide operation with nearly 9,000 employees.

BioSupply Trends Quarterly also features informative columns, a Washington report, research findings, product news and a valuable resource guide. A pull-out product catalog and reference guide with NDC numbers are tipped into select issues.

When FFF Enterprises made the decision to launch a second magazine in 2009, the company envisioned producing an expanded customer resource for up-to-date news, trends, perspectives and leading indicators on the topics pertinent to the biopharmaceutical distribution business. By all accounts, it has accomplished this goal and more.