Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc®)

FFF’s Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc®) is a cutting-edge solution that provides real-time product inventory management utilizing RFID technology.

VIPc eliminates carrying costs, invoices only when product is used, provides real-time inventory notifications, and continuously monitors critical-care inventory to ensure the right amount of product is on-hand and automatically replenished as it is used. Product expiration is not a issue because VIPc proactively pulls and replaces product well before its beyond-use date.

VIPc takes our Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ to the next level by allowing us to track, trace, and verify a product’s use and previous storage location and conditions.

VIPc is the result of an exclusive partnership between FFF and MEPS Real-Time, Inc., and its Intelliguard® RFID Inventory Management System.

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