Leading with Innovation

FFF thrives on customer-driven innovation. As a trusted biopharmaceutical distributor with a spotless safety track record, FFF is blazing new trails when it comes to securing the biopharmaceutical supply chain and fulfilling its mission, Helping Healthcare Care.

Verified Inventory Program™ (VIPc)®

Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc™)Our VIPc solution streamlines inventory management so healthcare providers can worry less about their inventory and spend more time on patient care. VIPc utilizes advanced RFID technology and eliminates carrying costs – invoices are generated only when products are used.


FFF LotTrack logoFFF’s Lot-Track gives you the fastest tracking and recall notification system available at no additional charge. Lot-Track service tracks products by lot number and provides recall notification within four hours directly to those affected.


TraceLink life sciences cloud logoTo advance FFF Enterprises' ongoing commitment to supply chain and patient safety – resulting in over 27 counterfeit-free years – FFF has partnered with TraceLink, Inc. to meet the complex requirements of the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).