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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Competition Among Clinics Increased Influenza Vaccine Rates Among Patients, Study Showed

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A recent experiment found offering healthcare providers financial incentives and creating competition by informing clinics how their performance ranked relative to others was effective in increasing influenza vaccine rates among patients. read more ]

Novel Universal Flu Vaccine Provides Protection Against Six Influenza Viruses in Mice

Researchers at the Georgia State University Institute for Biomedical Sciences have developed a novel nanoparticle vaccine that combines two major influenza proteins effective in providing broad, long-lasting protection against six different influenza viruses in mice. read more ]

New Vaccine Could Protect Infants Against Infection in the Presence of Maternal Antibodies

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have found a specialized modified-RNA influenza vaccine successfully protected young mice against the infection in the presence of maternal antibodies, suggesting the protection occurred because the vaccine programs cells to constantly churn out new antigens for a prolonged period of time rather than delivering a one-time shot of a viral protein. read more ]

Industry News

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From Pfizer

Pfizer has launched its Vaccines Division's Centers of Excellence Network, a global program of collaborations with academic institutions to conduct real-world epidemiologic research to accurately identify and measure the burden of specific vaccine-preventable diseases and potentially evaluate vaccine effectiveness affecting adults. read more ]

From GSK

GSK is collaborating with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to develop a vaccine for the 2019 coronavirus (2019-nCoV virus). In its part, GSK will make its established pandemic vaccine adjuvant platform technology available to enhance the development of an effective vaccine against the 2019-nCoV.
 [ read more ]

From Sanofi

Sanofi has teamed up with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to investigate an advanced pre-clinical vaccine candidate previously developed against the SARS virus in the early 2000s, which the company believes could protect against the latest coronavirus.  [ read more ]

IVIG & Albumin Supply Index

IVIG and Albumin Days On Hand
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What's New at FFF


ACETAZOLAMIDE (for injection, USP), an inhibitor of the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, is indicated for adjunctive treatment of edema due to congestive heart failure; drug-induced edema; centrencephalic epilepsies (petit mal, unlocalized seizures); chronic simple (open-angle) glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and preoperatively in acute angle-closure glaucoma where delay of surgery is desired to lower intraocular pressure. It is supplied as lyophilized powder in 500 mg vials.

For more information about ACETAZOLAMIDE, log in to


ACYCLOVIR (sodium injection) is indicated for the treatment of initial and recurrent mucosal and cutaneous herpes simplex (HSV-1 and HSV-2) infections and varicella-zoster (shingles) infections in immunocompromised adults and children. It is also indicated for severe initial episodes of herpes simplex infections in patients who may not be immunocompromised. It is available in two sizes: a 10 mL single-dose vial containing acyclovir sodium equivalent to 500 mg acyclovir, packaged in trays of 10 vials; and a 20 mL single-dose vial containing acyclovir sodium equivalent to 1 gram of acyclovir, packaged in trays of 10 vials.

For more information about ACYCLOVIR, log in to


ATROPINE SULFATE (injection) is indicated for temporary blockade of severe or life-threatening muscarinic effects such as an antisialagogue, an antivagal agent, an antidote for organophosphorus, carbamate or muscarinic mushroom poisoning; and to treat symptomatic bradycardia. It is a nonpyrogenic, isotonic, clear solution supplied in a multiple-dose glass vial.

For more information about ATROPINE SULFATE, log in to


CALCIUM CHLORIDE (10% injection, USP) is indicated for the treatment of hypocalcemia in patients requiring a prompt increase in plasma calcium levels. It is supplied in a 10 mL single-dose container.

For more information about CALCIUM CHLORIDE, log in to


CORVERT (injection) is indicated for the rapid conversion of atrial fibrillation or atrial flutter of recent onset to sinus rhythm. It is supplied as an acetate-buffered isotonic solution in a single-dose 10 mL vial (1 mg /10 mL).

For more information about CORVERT, log in to


DESTROSE 50% (injection) is indicated in the treatment of insulin hypoglycemia (hyperinsulinemia or insulin shock) to restore blood glucose levels. It is also indicated, after dilution, for intravenous infusion as a source of carbohydrate calories in patients whose oral intake is restricted or inadequate to maintain nutritional requirements. It is supplied in a 50 mL (500 mg/m) single-dose prefilled syringe.

For more information about DEXTROSE 50%, log in to


EPINEPHRINE (injection, USP) is indicated for the treatment and prophylaxis of cardiac arrest due to various causes in the absence of ventricular fibrillation and attacks of transitory atrioventricular (AV) heart block with syncopal seizures (Stokes-Adams syndrome), but it is not used in cardiac failure or in hemorrhagic, traumatic or cardiogenic shock. Epinephrine may be used to stimulate the heart in syncope due to complete heart block or carotid sinus hypersensitivity. Epinephrine is also used for resuscitation in cardiac arrest following anesthetic accidents. It is supplied in a 10-carton package of single-use 0.1 mg/mL packages containing a Luer-Jet Luer-Lock.

For more information about EPINEPHRINE, log in to


LIDOCAINE HCL (injection, USP) is indicated for production of local or regional anesthesia by infiltration techniques such as percutaneous injection by peripheral nerve block techniques such as brachial plexus and intercostal and by central neural techniques such as lumbar and caudal epidural blocks, when the accepted procedures for these techniques as described in standard textbooks are observed. It is supplied in 1% (50 mg/5 mL) (10 mg/mL) 5 mL single-dose vials packaged in 25s and 2% (100 mg/5 mL) (20 mg/mL) 5 mL single-dose vials packaged in 25s.

For more information about LIDOCAINE HCL, log in to


PHYTONADIONE (VIT K, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection) is indicated in the following coagulation disorders due to faulty formation of factors II, Vll, IX and X when caused by vitamin K deficiency or interference with vitamin K activity: anticoagulant-induced prothrombin deficiency caused by coumarin or indanedione derivatives; prophylaxis and therapy of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn; hypoprothrombinemia due to antibacterial therapy; hypoprothrombinemia secondary to factors limiting absorption or synthesis of vitamin K; and other drug-induced hypoprothrombinemia where it is definitely shown that the result is due to interference with vitamin K metabolism. It is supplied in packages of 10 single-use 1 mg 0.5 mL vials and a SAF-T-Jet vial injector with a 27-gauge ½-inch needle.

For more information about PHYTONADIONE (VIT K), log in to


SODIUM BICARBONATE (injection, USP) is indicated in the treatment of metabolic acidosis that may occur in severe renal diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, circulatory insufficiency due to shock or severe dehydration, extracorporeal circulation of blood, cardiac arrest and severe primary lactic acidosis. It is further indicated in the treatment of certain drug intoxications, including barbiturates (where dissociation of the barbiturate-protein complex is desired), in poisoning by salicylates or methyl alcohol and in hemolytic reactions requiring alkalinization of the urine to diminish nephrotoxicity of hemoglobin and its breakdown products. It is also indicated in severe diarrhea that is often accompanied by a significant loss of bicarbonate. It is supplied in 50 mL single-dose packages containing a Luer-Jet Luer-Lock prefilled syringe. 10 individual cartons are shrink-wrapped as a group of 10 cartons.

For more information about SODIUM BICARBONATE, log in to


VINCRISTINE (sulfate injection, USP) is indicated in acute leukemia. It has also been shown to be useful in combination with other oncolytic agents in Hodgkin's disease, non–Hodgkin's malignant lymphomas, rhabdomyosarcoma, neuroblastoma and Wilms' tumor. It is supplied 1 mg/1 mL (single-dose) flip–top vials and 2 mg/2 mL (single-dose) flip–top vials.

For more information about VINCRISTINE, log in to


ZIRABEV (injection) is indicated for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer in combination with intravenous fluorouracil-based chemotherapy for first- or second-line treatment, and metastatic colorectal cancer in combination with fluoropyrimidine-irinotecan- or fluoropyrimidine-oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy for second-line treatment in patients who have progressed on a first-line bevacizumab product-containing regimen. It is supplied as a sterile solution for intravenous infusion supplied in a carton containing one single-dose vial in the following strengths: 100 mg/4 mL (25 mg/mL) and 400 mg/16 mL (25 mg/mL).

For more information about ZIRABEV, log in to

These products can be ordered from FFF Enterprise's BioSupply Online Ordering System or by calling
Wow! Customer Care at (800) 843-7477.

Current Medicare IVIG / SCIG Rates

Rates per gram are effective Jan. 1, 2020, through March 31, 2020.

Calculate your current medicare IVIG/SCIG Rates
Product J Codes ASP + 6%
(before sequester)
ASP + 4.3%*
(after sequester)
Flebogamma J1572 $71.55 $70.40
Gammagard S/D J1566 $126.38 $124.35
Gammaplex J1557 $92.45 $90.97
Octagam J1568 $76.43 $75.21
Privigen J1459 $81.69 $80.38
CUVITRU J1555 $140.10 $137.85
Hizentra J1559 $104.95 $103.27
HyQvia J1575 $146.35 $144.00
Gammagard Liquid J1569 $79.84 $78.56
Gammaked J1561 $80.69 $79.40
Gamunex-C J1561 $80.69 $79.40

*Reflects 2% sequestration reduction applied to 80% Medicare payment portion as required under Budget Control Act of 2011.

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