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Derived from human plasma, hyperimmune globulins are concentrated immune globulins, high in antibodies against certain specific diseases, used to treat patients whose immune systems have been compromised.

 Mfgr Description Size/Unit
Baxter BabyBIG
See package insert.
Cangene bioPharma HepaGam B 1mL, 5mL
WinRho SDF 120mcg, 300mcg, 1000mcg
CSL Behring CytoGam 50mL
Rhophylac 1500 IU prefilled 2mL syr
Genzyme Thymoglobulin 25mg
HyperHep B S/D 0.5mL, 1mL, 5mL
HyperRAB S/D 2mL, 10mL
HyperRHO S/D 250 unit syr
HyperTET S/D 250 IU syringe
Kedrion MICRhoGAM 50 mcg
RhoGAM 300 mcg
Sanofi Pasteur Imogam Rabies-HT 10mL
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