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Human serum albumin is the most abundant blood plasma protein. Produced in the liver, albumin is an important component of life, where it transports essential fatty acids from adipose tissue to muscle tissue. It also contributes to the regulation of osmosis, helping to transport hormones, drugs and other substances through the blood.

Albumin is used to treat or prevent shock following serious injury, bleeding, surgery, or burns by increasing the volume of blood plasma. It can also be used to replace low blood protein.

Are Filtered Admin Sets Required for All Albumin?

 Mfgr Description Size/Unit
 Baxter Buminate 5% 250mL, 500mL
Flexbumin 25% 50mL, 100mL
 CSL Behring Albuminar 25% 50mL, 100mL
Albuminar 5% 250mL, 500mL
AlbuRx 25% 50mL, 100mL
AlbuRx 5% 250mL, 500mL
  Albutein 25% 50mL, 100mL
Albutein 5% 250mL, 500mL
  Plasbumin 25% 20mL, 50mL, 100mL
Plasbumin 5% 250mL, 500mL
Plasmanate 5% 50mL, 250mL
 Kedrion Albuked 5% 250mL
 Octapharma Albumin 25% 50mL, 100mL
  Albumin 5% 250mL, 500mL
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