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Safety the 8 Critical Steps to Guaranteed Channel Integrity
Resolving the issues

THE PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLY CHAIN is vulnerable to counterfeiting, price gouging and inferior management of fragile plasma derivatives and other specialty products – potentially compromising products on their path to patients.

ACCORDING TO INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST KATHERINE EBAN in her 2005 book, Dangerous Doses, “Since 2000, an increasing number of Americans who went to their pharmacies got counterfeit medicine instead.” Eban goes on to say, “The counterfeits were not a one-time fluke but rather a consequence of America’s distribution system.

MOST PATIENTS ARE UNAWARE OF THE RISKS inherent in a compromised pharmaceutical supply chain – until it touches them personally.

Resolving the issues

FFF ENTERPRISES HAS BUILT THE BEST PRACTICES to ensure that patient safety, product efficacy and fair pricing are not compromised anywhere in the supply chain.

EACH STEP IN THE 8-STEP PROCESS IS CRITICAL to upholding our pledge of Guaranteed Channel Integrity™.  From purchasing to storage and delivery, these best practices maintain the strength of each link in the chain, with patient welfare at the center of every decision.  FFF’s Verified Electronic Pedigree™ system validates this safe channel.

THROUGH THESE SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES that manage, authenticate and track each lot from origin to destination, FFF has incorporated from the bottom up what the pharmaceutical industry struggles to enact from the top down – a secure supply chain.

Patients First

Patients First’ means the 
uncompromising decision to purchase only from the manufacturer, and sell only to certified healthcare 
providers, with 6 additional steps in between to assure that patients are always the first consideration as products move through our safe channel.

Guaranteed Channel Integrity More than words, it is our commitment to a secure pharmaceutical supply chain.