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Safety the 8 Critical Steps to Guaranteed Channel Integrity

Resolving the issues

Interactive Allocation is a capability unique to FFF. It is based on our trust in the FFF field sales team’s close relationship with our customers. We depend on the team to understand customers’ ongoing needs, respond to their immediate crises, and to allocate product in real time to meet patients’ needs. The field sales team is supported by two internal teams, FFF’s customer care team and sales operations team. Together, they stretch limited supplies of product across our customer base, to assure responsible, demand-based distribution of critical-care products so that the maximum number of patients is served each and every month.

Helping healthcare care is about getting products to patients when they need it, while creating a secure supply chain that is resistant to gray market tampering.

Patients First’ means the 
uncompromising decision to purchase only from the manufacturer, and sell only to certified healthcare 
providers, with 6 additional steps in between to assure that patients are always the first consideration as products move through our safe channel.

Guaranteed Channel Integrity More than words, it is our commitment to a secure pharmaceutical supply chain.