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What makes us unique? Ultimately, it is in the vital steps we take to manage the safety and efficacy of the critical-care products that pass through our care.

Now in our 26th year, FFF Enterprises continues to set the standard for patient safety, access and availability to the plasma products, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines that improve the quality of life for the patients who receive them. 

Some of the ways FFF goes Beyond Distribution:

Guaranteed Channel Integrity

More than words, our commitment to a secure pharmaceutical supply chain is evidenced by our flawless safety record. Learn about The 8 Critical Steps to Guaranteed Channel Integrity that have resulted in more than 25 counterfeit-free years.


As a solution provider, FFF continually innovates to offer resolutions to industry challenges.

  • FFF’s VaxAmerica program makes it easy and convenient for individuals to receive their preventive vaccines – even those difficult to find – at conveniently located care sites nationwide. Learn about VaxAmerica.
  • FFF has resolved the issues of authentication and tracking. Learn about FFF’s Verified Electronic Pedigree system. Learn more about FFF’s Lot-Track™ service.
  • FFF has revolutionized the flu vaccine marketplace by offering certainty in supply and delivery. Learn about FFF’s MyFluVaccine program.

Meaningful Communications

From our award-winning BioSupplyTrends e-newsletter and Bio Supply Trends Quarterly magazine to our GPO specific e-newsletters, flu updates and community alerts, our multi-faceted communication platforms keep our customers and partners informed with the leading edge industry news they depend on.